PyCon 2015 notes posted

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TL;DR: My PyCon 2015 notes as an exported mindmap

For roughly the past 10 years, I've been attending the US PyCon conference. This is my favorite conference series of all the various tech conferences I've been to (including: OSCon, Usenix, Blackhat/DefCon, CanSec, SAGE, Strata, Network World/Interop, and others). While at PyCon (and other conferences, for that matter), I try to take decent notes. My note taking tool of choice is FreeMind (XXX: perhaps a blog on why Freemind will be forthcoming). So my conference notes generally are in the form of mindmap documents.

Anyway, the conference notes for PyCon 2015 (Montreal) are now posted. I've exported the mindmap into a variety of formats, including:

First and foremost, these notes are meant for my own use, so if the presenter talked about content that I well understood I might not have put the effort into taking notes. Conversally, if a presenter talked about a topic I might not have known very well, the notes might not have gotten recorded if I got lost. Or, perhaps I just got sidetracked by the conference twitter and/or irc feeds...

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